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intentionally following Jesus…

The summary and sum of all our theological beliefs is Jesus Christ. Everything we believe springs from knowing God through His son, Jesus. He's the reason we exist, the goal we aim for, the explanation of life. Everything we do should intentionally and directly reflect this core belief: it's all about Jesus.


people matter

Every person has a name. Every name has a story. And every story matters to God. Because God sees every person as someone in need of his love, grace and mercy, we seek to radically love people the same way.

Everything we do – our services, next steps, groups, serving, outreach – is driven by seeing lives changed. Moving from death to life, seeing people saved by Jesus Christ, helping believers grow as disciples – we have no greater joy than to see people take their next steps in their journey of following Jesus.

found people
find people

The story of God's redeeming love should never end in my story. In other words, I'm not the last one! According to scriptures, it is impossible for any of us to say we are a follower of Jesus Christ and NOT be concerned about people that are far from Jesus Christ.

you can't
do life alone

We are people of all different shapes, sizes, hairstyles, backgrounds, and socio-economic status. But we are real people with real stories on real journeys in need of real relationships that fuel and ignite life change. We believe life change happens best in the context of significant, meaningful relationships with others who are also intentionally following Jesus.

saved people
serve people

The church in America is known more for screaming at people than for serving people; for what we're against more than what we're for. If we are followers of Jesus Christ, our hearts will naturally gravitate towards serving people, and not just people that look, think, dress, act or believe like us.

growing people

There is a difference between attending church and following Jesus. It doesn't matter if you've been following for 3 days or 30 years. Healthy things grow, and growth inevitably produces change at the core of who we are – not more knowledge and information, but in our heart, mind and life. If we're not changing, we're not following.

you can't outgive God

We want to be a people of ridiculous generosity! We seek to understand that all of what we have has been given to us, that none of it is ours! Honoring God with our tithe and being generous with all that we have helps us trust God more than how much money we have. We seek to joyfully and freely give to God because He first gave to us.

our vision


Our journey together is purposeful and deliberate.

following Jesus

True life is only found in Jesus, and we choose daily to continue on His path.

Whenever. Wherever. However. As we surrender, He empowers us to make a world of difference.

our mission

invite friends grow disciples send ambassadors

core values

bedrock beliefs

The Holy Bible

The authoritative guide that reveals God's plan for humanity. We believe the Scripture of the Old and New Testaments is the divinely inspired Word of God, completely trustworthy, the final and supreme authority, recorded with accuracy by authors who were inspired by God through His Spirit to perceive God's truth.


The gift of undeserved grace that is received by faith in Christ. We believe that humankind was created for a relationship with God, but separated from Him by sin. Only through repentance, faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation are persons reconciled with God.

The Church

The called community of Christ's followers that is commissioned to transform the world. We believe that the church – the community of God's people – is called to love God first, invite all to salvation, equip disciples for urgent mission and work together as the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Our philosophy of ministry is simple: emulate Christ's methods as we articulate His message.


is the process of forming a team. It includes defining the team's vision and mission, identifying the related roles of its servants, and inviting gifted people to participate.


is the process of initially orienting the team and ensures that relevant information, training and relationship building occurs.


is the process of sustaining the team as it moves towards its defined objectives and in so doing, keeps servants appreciated, growing, and living into their kingdom potential.


is the process for helping participants gracefully exit the ministry when appropriate and includes assessment, "carefrontation" when needed and a referral process.

Directional Leadership Team:

Our Directional Leadership Team works together to shape the vision and direction of Covenant Church and all it's campuses.

Branson Sheets
Bill Jacobs
Jay Buckingham
Jeff Daigle
Ivela Dickens
Anton Beukes
Melissa Norris

Pastor's Advisory Team

Tom Freed
Emily Rouse
Mary Price
John Savage
Darlynn Sakowski
Rob Hall
Herb Ormond

Church Council

Oversees and votes on matters of church policy. The Council also sets goals and the direction for the church.

Andy Herdman // Chairperson
Mike Taylor // Vice-Chair
Polly Holt // Secretary
Gordon Douglas // Treasurer
Taplie Coile // Lay Member - Annual Conference
Claude Pruitt // Lay Member - Annual Conference
Debbie James // Lay Member - Annual Conference
Tricia Jackson // Alt. Lay Member - Annual Conference #1
Kellan Vernon // Alt. Lay Member - Annual Conference #2
Mary McCoy // Alt. Lay Member - Annual Conference #3

Chairpersons of Administrative Teams:
Seed Casters: Becky Testerink
Trustees: Josh Stewart
Staff Parish: Gary Bass
Finance: Patrick Porter

At Large Members to the Council
Charlie Langley
Sarah Williams
Elliott Overman
Jeff Clark

Staff Representatives
Branson Sheets // Lead Pastor
Bill Jacobs // Director of Campus Operations
Ivela Dickens // Director of Finance

Trustees Team

The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of church property. In addition to taking care of the building and property, this team reviews insurance policies, building use policies, etc.

Josh Stewart // Chairperson
Vance Taylor
Mike Stroud
Amanda Garris
Dale Hamm
Pat DeSutter
Tyler Averett
Frank Brown
Jeff Gise

Staff Representatives
Bill Jacobs // Director of Campus Operations

Lay Leadership Team

Branson Sheets // Chairperson
Darlynn Sakowski
Pam Hawkins
David Wall
Sid Bradsher
Meredith Briley
Dale Williamson
Pam Frutiger
Emma Bircher
H.B. Moore

Missions/Outreach Team (Seedcasters)

Becky Testerink // Chairperson
Teff Sheets
Barbara Hudson
Steve Green
Steve Hamstead
Bill Lennartz
Dave Ryan
Cindy Nicholson
Heather White

Personnel Team (SPPRC)

All personnel issues are overseen by the SPPRC including hiring, discharging and performance reviews. SPPRC is charged with monitoring and facilitating the relationship between the congregation and its staff members.

Gary Bass // Chairperson
Darell Hinnant
Louise Bradshaw
Jennifer Attardi
Sara Lilley
Kirk Waddell
Kevin Parker
Cheri Hessert
Hannah Deis

Finance Team

Responsibilities of the Finance Team include reviewing the church budget, providing guidance to the treasurer, and making recommendations to the Council about the use of funds.

Patrick Porter // Chairperson
Steven LaFevers
Dewayne Westbrook
Debbie Statz
Heath Nisbet
Trey Quinn
Errik Selken
Pat McGurk
Charlotte Shelton
Chris Smith
Bryan Lee

Extended Finance Team
Gordon Douglas // Treasurer
Andy Herdman // Chairperson for Council
Gary Bass // Chairperson for SPPRC
Josh Stewart // Chairperson for Trustees

Staff Representatives
Ivela Dickens // Director of Finance


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