Special Christmas Eve offering

amount given: $139,085.00

Update from Branson

I am happy to announce the final tally of our 2016 Christmas Eve Offering. This year the generous people of Covenant Church gave $139,085! Way to go everybody! I cannot tell you how proud I am to share with my friends and family members that the church I serve is an outwardly focused church, supporting the work of Christ all over the world! I knew you would be proud too. Here is what we were able to do as a church with our gifts:

Ananias House - We gave $17,500. This is the same organization that we helped with the Aleppo water project last summer. They help support the CHRISTIANS who have stayed in Syria, despite the danger, to be witnesses for the Gospel.

Heart for Lebanon - We gave $17,500. This organization is one of our trusted partners in working with a number of large refugee encampments inside the Lebanese border. They really love people and it’s great to be associated with these fine people.

Holy Spirit Church of Tyre - We gave $27,000. This church has been on the front line of ministry for many years and they are our partner church for mission trips and medical clinic work.

Triumphant Mercy USA - We gave $28,000. This is the organization that is dedicated to education among the refugee children. We helped start a school through them last year.

World Relief - We gave $14,000. This organization is the main humanitarian relief organization that we’ve been partnering with over the past couple of years. Their work has opened the hearts of many families to the Gospel!

India Gospel League - We gave $17,500, which is the the seed money to plant 8 new churches in India! Dr. Sam Stephens is the president of this amazing church planting ministry.

New Life Faith Ministries - We gave $17,500, which is the seed money to plant 8 churches in the next several years! This organization is planting new churches among the Hararghe Oromo People (a majority Muslim people) in Ethiopia.

The Table

This is family.

A Covenant Family Christmas. It’s more than bringing our family to Covenant for Christmas services. It’s more than all of us gathering as the broader family of Covenant. Some of the Covenant family isn’t even geographically close enough to gather with us. But they are family.

They're not just "some people over there somewhere."

We know them by name. We’ve sent teams to serve alongside them. Some of them have actually gathered here with us. They are part of the Covenant story, and as such, they are part of us. They are family.

Each year during Christmas Eve, Covenant has intentionally decided to give 100% of our special Christmas Eve offering to strategic initiatives and dire needs among our global family. Last year, the people of Covenant gave with overwhelming generosity, with close to $194,000 being given to 7 projects from 6 organizations focused on the Syrian refugee crisis.

We were humbled by the fact that we were empowering our partners to help start two new schools, one child-friendly space, provide 12 months’ supply of groceries and hygiene products to 25 families and provided blankets, heaters and oil to needy families during the cold winter months in both Lebanon and Syria.

Our goal for 2016 is to raise $200,000 to continue to support the Syrian refugees in the Middle East through the two schools and one child friendly space we were able to start, continuing supporting the families in need with monthly groceries as well as helping in the winterization projects of one of our partners. Please pray with us that the Lord, who has shown His great generosity towards us, will also give us the wisdom to be generous to others in need. In addition to these, we will also give towards two church planting projects, one in India and one in Ethiopia.

Please watch the videos below to learn more about our global family partners and last year’s initiative.

Global Partners